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Get 3-Month WPS Premium for free – WPS Office’s handy and professional office software.

Get 3-Month WPS Premium for free – Are you looking for office software with all the bells and whistles without being super heavy on your computer? WPS Office is here to rescue, offering three premium features—PowerPoint, Word, and Excel—for free during the summer months!

Get 3-Month WPS Premium for free

With it, you’ll be able to turn your laptop into a complete workstation that allows you to type documents, design presentations, and create spreadsheets with ease, as well as view PDFs and other types of files with compatibility that can rival premium software like Microsoft Office.


Everything you need to know about WPS Office

WPS Office is a lightweight, feature-rich comprehensive office suite with high compatibility. WPS Office is a handy and professional software that allows you to create, view, edit easily, and share your documents. Plus, you can now get a 3-Month WPS Premium for free! Here’s everything you need to know about this powerful office suite.

How to register for a free trial of the premium version

1. To register for a free trial of the premium version, go to the Link below and click on the Link. 

2. Enter your name, email address, and country of residence. 

3. Choose whether you want to receive updates about WPS products and services. 


4. Click on the register button. 

5. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process.





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