Paga Pos Machine Price, Charges, Daily Target: How to get Paga Pos Machine

In this post we will analyse all you need to know about Paga Pos which will include Machine Price, Charges, Daily Target and how to get Paga Pos Machine. This article is important because as busy as the markets of Nigeria is currently paced, where every second counts, having a fast and reliable payment system is not just a luxury but a serious necessity.

So i will advice you to get the Paga POS machine, which is a game-changer for businesses eve big and small. If you’re considering adding this vital gadget to your shop, here’s everything you need to know about its price, charges, daily targets, and how to get your hands on one.


What Exactly is a Paga POS Machine?

Imagine a compact device that lets your customers swipe or tap their cards and poof the payment is done, That’s the Paga POS machine for you. It’s part of Paga’s mission to make life easier by simplifying transactions. This little device supports various cards and provides a secure way for your customers to pay, making long queues a thing of the past.

How Much Does It Cost?

Now, let’s talk numbers when it comes to Paga POS. The price of a Paga POS machine can range from N20,000 to N70,000, depending on the model and its features. Since these figures can change, it’s always a good idea to get the latest info directly from Paga or check their website. Though from our current findings, you can get a good Paga POS at an average price of 35,000 naira with terminal registration fee inclusive

What About the Charges?

No one likes hidden fees, so let’s clear the air. Owning a Paga POS machine comes with a few costs:

  1. Transaction Fees: Each time you process a payment, Paga takes a small cut. This fee varies based on the transaction type.
  2. Monthly Maintenance Fee: Some models might need a little upkeep, which could mean a monthly fee to keep things running smoothly.
  3. Settlement Fees: When the money moves to your bank account, there might be a small fee involved.

Remember, these charges can change, so always double-check with Paga for the most current rates.


Daily Targets: What’s the Deal?

Paga might set a daily sales target for you, depending on your business and location. Hitting this target can mean lower transaction fees and other perks. It’s like a little nudge or motivator to help you boost your sales.

How to Get Your Very Own Paga POS Machine


If you are one ready to get this machine, Then here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign Up: Visit Paga’s website or a nearby agent to register as a merchant. You’ll need to share some details about your business and yourself.
  2. Paperwork: After signing up, you’ll need to submit some documents for verification, like your ID, business registration papers, and proof of address.
  3. Agree to the Terms: Make sure to read and agree to Paga’s terms and conditions for using their POS machine.
  4. Make the Payment: Once your application gets the green light, you’ll need to pay for the machine. The amount depends on which model you choose.
  5. Training and Setup: Paga will show you the the steps and trainings on how to use the machine and help you set it up, so you can start accepting payments in no time.

How to contact Paga POS

In case you are experiencing any issues with Paga POS, best option is to contact them directly and seek assistance. So, let’s check out possible means to get in touch with Paga POS customer care.

To contact Paga POS you have to either call them to rectify your issues or visit their physical branch or head office. To call them through Phone call, you can make use of the number 0700-000-PAGA .

Also, if you are a registered Paga agent, you can reach out to your designated account officer for information on POS acquisition. So, let’s analyse their branch addresses.


Paga POS Office Locations

Lagos Office (Head Office)
176, Herbert Macaulay Way,
3rd Floor, Yaba
Lagos Mainland, Lagos State

Ibadan Office
90/91 Choice plaza,
Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo State

Abuja Office
Plot 340, No 40, Krystal Lounge
Aminu Kano crescent, Opposite Union Bank
Wuse 2, Abuja


Ilorin Office
119A Ibrahim Taiwo road,
Beside Access Bank,
Ilorin, Kwara State

Port-Harcourt Office
27, stadium road,
Opposite the Atrium Event Centre,
Port Harcourt, River State

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The Paga POS machine is a smart choice for businesses looking to advance their payment process to latest tech standard. By understanding the costs, daily targets, and the steps to get one, you’ll be well on your way to making transactions smoother and keeping your customers happy.

Frequently asked questions about Paga POS

Now, let’s check out common questions among Paga POS users that can be of help to you.

What is Paga POS?

Paga POS is a point-of-sale system offered by Paga that allows businesses to accept electronic payments from customers using debit cards, credit cards, or mobile wallets.

What are the benefits of using Paga POS?

  • Accept electronic payments, increasing sales opportunities.
  • Improve transaction speed and security compared to cash.
  • Track sales data and gain insights into your business.
  • Potentially reduce cash handling and associated risks.

What types of businesses can use Paga POS?

Paga POS is suitable for various businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, salons, service providers, and more.

Do I need a separate internet connection for Paga POS?

It depends on the specific Paga POS solution. Some might require a dedicated internet connection, while others might work with a smartphone hotspot.

How much does Paga POS cost?

There might be upfront costs for the device itself and potential ongoing fees for processing transactions. It’s best to contact Paga (as mentioned previously) for specific pricing details.

How do I get a Paga POS machine?

You can contact Paga customer service or your designated account officer (if you’re a registered Paga agent) to inquire about obtaining a POS device.

Is there a monthly fee for using Paga POS?

There might be, depending on the specific plan you choose. Contact Paga to confirm their pricing structure.

How long does it take to set up Paga POS?

Setup time can vary depending on Paga’s process and your internet connectivity.

Is Paga POS secure?

Paga should have security measures in place to protect transactions. It’s always a good practice to inquire about their specific security protocols.

Does Paga POS offer customer support?

Yes, Paga offers customer service to assist with any issues you encounter while using their POS system.

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