How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones

In this post, we will analyse how to remove Palmpay security plugin and watermark on android phones. Disclaimer: this post is not to encourage scamming or any form of fraud but just for knowledge purposes. So, let’s start buy giving you a better understanding of Palmpay Security plugins and water mark.

Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones: What are they for

Palmpay which is a financial services app, uses a security plugin and watermark on Android phones specifically related to its loan services. The function of the plugin is to enhance loan repayment. And it utilizes an encryption protocol linked to your device’s IMEI number, acting as a security measure for Palmpay.


Activation: This plugin doesn’t require that the user give its permission and is typically activated when you borrow from Palmpay. And this watermark appears only if you miss a loan repayment. It is not meant to inconvenience your phone usage, but it acts as a visible reminder on your phone screen, potentially reminding you to settle the outstanding amount in your loan balance

You cannot uninstall the security plugin, but you can deactivate it after fully repaying your loan. The watermark’s presence and potential restrictions on phone functions can be inconvenient, so it’s crucial to repay loans on time to avoid such issues. This is why it’s advisable to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before taking any loan, including those related to the security plugin and watermark implemented by Palmpay.

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones

Their are two methods to remove palmpay security plugin and Watermark on Android Phones, which I will analyse below. I will classify them as white hat and black hat methods

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones: White hat method

This is the most common way of removing the Palmpay Security plugins and Watermarks from your android device, and this is by following the necessary steps and instructions to pay up your loan on Palmpay. If you are confused on how to do this, follow the guide below:


How to pay your loans in Palmpay

  1. Open the Palmpay App: Locate and launch the Palmpay app on your phone.
  2. Access your Loan Details: Home Screen: Look for the “Loan” section or a similar indicator on the home screen. Wallet Tab: Alternatively, go to the “Wallet” tab and search for “Loans” or “My Loans.”
  3. Choose the Loan to Repay: If you have multiple loans, select the specific loan you want to make a payment for.
  4. Select “Repay” Option: Once you’ve chosen the loan, locate and tap the “Repay” or “Make Payment” button.
  5. Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred method for making the loan payment. Palmpay typically offers options like: Palmpay Wallet Balance: Use existing funds in your Palmpay wallet. Debit/Credit Card: Link a debit or credit card to your Palmpay account for payment. Bank Transfer: Initiate a bank transfer from your linked bank account.
  6. Enter Payment Amount: Enter the desired amount you want to pay towards your loan. You can choose to pay the full amount due or a partial payment.
  7. Confirm and Submit: Review the payment details (amount, method, etc.) and confirm the transaction. Follow any additional prompts or security measures required by Palmpay.
  8. Track Payment Status: You can track your payment status within the “Loans” section or your transaction history within the Palmpay app.

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones: Black hat method

If you where not able to pay up your loan in Palmpay and you wish to remove the Watermark follow my guide below, though this is not fully advisable. This is not that popular and not used by many but it really works, so follow the guide I will analyse below:

How to Remove Palmpay Security Plugin and Watermark on Android Phones through black hat: step by step guide

  • First, locate the “Settings” app on your Android.
  • Next, tap on “Apps” or “Applications” in the menu.
  • Find the “PalmPay” app in the list of apps and tap on it.
  • Look for the option to “Uninstall” or “Remove” and tap on it.
  • A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall the app. Select “OK” or “Uninstall.”
  • Wait for the app to uninstall, this might take a little bit of time.
  • Once the app and security plugin are successfully uninstalled, you will receive a notification.
  • To confirm the removal, check the list of installed apps or do a quick search on your device.


I believe you have gotten the knowledge you need on How to remove palmpay security plugin and watermark on Android Phones, the best option is to follow white hat method and repay your Palmpay loan.

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Frequently asked questions about Palmpay loans and Watermark

What is the Palmpay security plugin, and what does it do?

The Palmpay security plugin is a system-level feature activated when you borrow money from Palmpay. It aims to enhance loan repayment, but users cannot uninstall it.

What is the Palmpay watermark, and when does it appear?

The Palmpay watermark is a visible reminder displayed on your phone screen only if you miss a loan repayment.

Can I remove the Palmpay security plugin?

No, you cannot remove the Palmpay security plugin entirely through regular means. However, you can deactivate it after fully repaying your loan. Or following some hacks like the one in this post.

How do I deactivate the Palmpay security plugin and remove the watermark?

Normally, deactivation typically occurs automatically once your loan is fully repaid. Contact Palmpay support if you face issues after repayment.


Does deactivating the Palmpay security plugin affect my phone’s functionality?

No, deactivating the plugin and removing the watermark will not impact your phone’s functionalities in any way.

How long does It take Palmpay to lock my phone?

The fact is that Palmpay cannot lock your phone but will show that embarrassing Watermark if you didn’t pay your loan on time.


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