How To Get Kudi POS – Kudi Pos withdrawal charges, machine price and daily target

If you need a reliable POS terminal without stress, then this post is for you. In this post, we will discuss How to Get Kudi POS, compare its Pos withdrawal charges with other POS, the POS machine price and daily target which you should bear in mind.

Kudi POS: relevant informations about this platform

Kudi POS is a Point of Sale system that is widely used in Nigeria, which allows small businesses to accept payments through various channels such as debit/credit cards, mobile money, and QR codes. This platform also provides inventory management, sales analytics, and customer data management features which helps in your finance management.


Kudi POS is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, which make it popular among small businesses and independent sellers in Nigeria. It is also built with multiple payment gateways to ensure fast and secure transactions for both merchants and customers.

The company behind Kudi POS, Kudi Technologies ( now rebranded as Nomba ), aims to make financial services more accessible and affordable for businesses in Nigeria. Kudi POS is described as a low-cost and stress-free solution for businesses to manage their sales and payments, particularly in the context of Nigeria’s rapidly growing digital economy.

How To Get Kudi POS: best guide you can get

Getting a Kudi POS terminal is very easy and stress free, this is because you don’t need to visit their office because you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Now, let’s walk you through the process of getting this POS terminal.

How to get Kudi POS in Nigeria: step by step guide

  1. Visit the Kudi Technologies website: To get Kudi POS, you will start by visiting the official website of Kudi Technologies, the company behind Kudi POS. This is to learn more about the product of this company and its latest features, this can also include the latest terms and conditions of this platform.
  2. Contact Kudi Technologies: After that, you have to reach out to Kudi Technologies now rebranded as Nomba through their website or customer support channels to express your interest in obtaining a Kudi POS device. This should be in a well written and detailed manner.
  3. Provide necessary information: You will likely need to provide information about your business, such as your business name, location, type of business, and contact details. If you have registered CAC in Nigeria, I will advice you to add them too as it will boost your chances of getting approved.
  4. Note any requirements: Kudi Technologies have specific requirements for businesses seeking to use their POS system, such as business registration documents or proof of address. I will analyse these Requirements below this guide.
  5. Sign up and order the device: Once you have provided the necessary information and met any requirements, you can sign up for a Kudi POS device. You will need to place an order through the company’s website or sales team.
  6. Receive and set up the device: After ordering, you will receive the Kudi POS device. Follow the instructions provided to set up the system, including connecting it to your network and downloading any necessary software.
  7. Training and support: Kudi Technologies may provide training for you and your staff on how to use the POS system effectively. They should also offer ongoing support in case you encounter any issues or have questions.

Requirements for getting kudi POS

To get a Kudi POS you need to meet up with the below criterias:

  • Make sure to have an active Kudi account
  • Open a valid and bank account
  • Create a Bank Verification Number (BVN), because it will be needed
  • Also have a valid means of identification such as a Voter’s Card, National ID Card, Drivers License, or International Passport
  • Go along with A recent utility bill
  • Then a passport photograph, like 3 to 4.

Kudi POS: withdrawal charges

Now, let’s check out the charges associated with the kudi POS and any other charges you should be expecting while using this terminal. This platform do take an average of 0.70% for every withdrawal you make. Though this price can be applicable for every transaction performed using the Kudi POS machine not just withdrawal. This charge is for even withdrawals, transfers, and deposits. After this percentage deduction, there is no other hidden charges you will experience.

Kudi POS price in Nigeria

Coming to the price of Kudi POS in Nigeria, I will state it’s most current price which is NGN25,000. If there is a price change, we will always update this post. So, any price written in this post is the most recent price of Kudi POS.

What is Kudi POS daily target?

This is one of the most common questions and factors people consider before going for any POS terminal. For Kudi POS, this platform does not specify any target that you must meet up to. So, you can use it for any scale of business you wish. I believe this is one of the reasons people prefer this POS over other platforms.


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I believe you have gotten the needed guide on How to get Kudi POS, we have also analyzed this Pos withdrawal charges, machine price and daily target. Make sure to check out the criteria and requirements before kicking off your journey to get this POS.

Frequently asked questions about Kudi POS

What can I do on the Kudi app?

The Kudi app allows you to perform various transactions, including cash withdrawals, deposits, airtime recharge, and bill payments.

Do I need to pay a fee to become an agent?

Information on fees associated with becoming a Kudi agent can be found on their website, so check out to find the latest payment updates.


I’m having problems with my POS terminal. What should I do?

Kudi offers troubleshooting steps for common POS terminal issues on their website. So, check their faqs sections and contact support.

How can I access customer support?

You can contact Kudi customer support through the help section on the app or by email at


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